Tantric Yoginis & Devis (DELETED)

Tantric Yoginis & Devis (DELETED)
Yoga originates from the word "yuj", meaning to unite or bind. A yogini is a female practitioner of yoga for the attainment of oneness with cosmic energy. The ancient yoga tradition of Tantra identifies Tantric Yoginis as forms of the goddess Kali, each one associated with a particular yogic technique (kriya), sacred sound (mantra) and mystic symbol (mudra). Indian temples such as those in Khajuraho and Belur, built as early as 900 AD, are devoted to her form as divine guardian, temple dancer, goddess (devi) and celestial consort. As portrayed on our journals, sculptures from these temples are both graceful and seductive, chiseled to display the traditional art of Indian dance. Each journal is endowed with a satin ribbon marker and long-lasting memento pouch.
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