Diamond Rosette

Diamond Rosette

Rosette Filigree

Inspired by an Italian book binding dating to 1620, our Diamond Rosette series showcases a floral pattern and rosette motif. With filigreed fronds twirling in knots, it resembles an elaborate rose window.

Book bindings from the 17th century are characterized by the ornamental richness of the cover’s central area. These designs were in direct contrast to the Renaissance frame style, which left the centre largely unadorned. Featuring sweeping tendrils in a centralized diamond shape, this cover is a classic example of the era’s bookbinding style. Today the original binding can be found in Museum Kunstpalast’s impressive collection of antique bindings in Düsseldorf, Germany.

For fans of: Antique book bindings, floral patterns, Nova Stella, Turquoise Chronicles, Jewel of Urbino, Exotic Marquetry, Equinoxe