Rococo Revival

Rococo Revival

Arabesques and Curlicues

What small soul insisted that less must always be more? Certainly it was no lover of the Rococo style. These contemporary designs conjure the essence of the Baroque period's most ornate and magnificent flowering.

The rocaille, or "shell shape," gave Rococo its name. The style, expressed in art, textiles, furnishings and architecture, is characterised by arabesques, curlicues, foliage, animal figures, shellwork and abundant flourishes. Light and playful where Baroque was often heavy and dark, Rococo is dismissed by some as excessively florid and without substance. Of course, this is like saying that a marvellous party has no point because it's entertaining. Fans argue that Rococo is an 18th-century manifestation of abundance and adornment, rich in complexity and fascinating in detail.