About Us

Jase has been making books as a hobby for twelve years and jewellery for six, with sales across Australia, the US, Canada, UK and Europe.

Jase's Books became a registered business in 2008 - and will supply a wide range of handmade, unique and unusual gifts.

Sales from products other than books will enable Jase to continue bookbinding and to offer even more amazing products in 2009.

  • Jase's Books (handmade books) - custom made parchment journals, diaries and photo albums featuring high quality speciality materials and a broad range of elaborate designs.

  • Jewellery - quality gothic-themed jewellery including pendants, rings and earrings featuring designs from independent artists as well as Alchemy Gothic and Uncle Fester's

  • Cauldrons - cast iron cauldrons ideal for pagan rituals, medieval themed events and traditional/fun open fire cooking

  • Candles - convenient and low mess jar candles available in a variety of fragrances - COMING SOON

  • Emu Products - therapeutic emu oil products for sensitive skin, arthritis relief and more. Emu leather gifts.

  • Music CDs - music from independent artists - current CD by Kokila is Enchanted Dreams

  • Yaarrh!! Monsters - brightly coloured felt toys, hand stitched with low-allergenic filling

  • Collectibles - action figures, dolls and collectibles from music, film and TV with fantasy and horror themes COMING SOON

  • Australian Souvenirs - a range of quality and kitsch souvenirs COMING SOON

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