Fantastic Voyages

Fantastic Voyages

As Above, So Below

Behold the marvels of outer space and undersea. In our Fantastic Voyages series, wondrous characters embark upon a journey into pure possibility. Featuring artwork by American artist James C. Christensen (1942–2017), these two designs showcase a lavish and layered style. The longer and closer you look, the more out-of-this-world details that emerge.

Christensen, an instructor at Brigham Young University, lived in Orem, Utah, in a house of his own design which was filled with secret passages and sculptures inspired by his paintings. He was also a much-celebrated illustrator in science fiction and fantasy. He dazzled fans with his images inspired by myths, legends, fantasies and dreams. Though he recently passed away, his spirit and vibrancy live on in his delightfully imaginative artwork. It is in his honour that we bring his characters to life on these journal covers.

For fans of: James Christensen, science fiction, imaginative designs, Merrymakers, Android Jones, Olena’s Garden, Wonder & Imagination, Laurel Burch