Nature Montages

Nature Montages

Go Inside Gary Grayson’s Garden

The vibrantly detailed gardens of Gary Grayson’s artistic world are captured on our Nature Montages covers. A lifelong artist, Grayson’s affinity for both antique prints and modern graphic design is on display here. His distinctive style is an eclectic mix of vintage vector, impressionism and pop art – all combined to create a layered digital work.

A native of Arlington, Texas, Grayson takes inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including his ten years served in the United States Navy. A fan of everything from Puccini to NASCAR, he is an artist who defies the limitations of the genre. May his boundless creativity inspire your own expressions of imagination.

For fans of: Digital art, contemporary art, Android Jones, Olena’s Garden, Mila Marquis, Aloha