Varanasi Silks and Saris

Varanasi Silks and Saris

A Tribute to Indian Handlooms and Weavers

Our Varanasi Silks and Saris designs come from the miles of winding lanes that are home to the weavers of Varanasi, India. Inspired by a recent trip to India, this collection pays tribute to Varanasi’s rich tradition of weaving and silk production.

At one time there were as many as 300,000 weavers in the area. Today there are fewer than 40,000, as young people no longer follow their parents into such a traditional career. By reproducing four of their designs, we hope to help keep the tradition alive by introducing the work of the Varanasi region to people around the world. The wrap closures on these journals are our way of honouring how these silks were meant to be worn, suggesting the folds of fabric-upon-fabric.

For fans of: Textiles, Indian culture, Sacred Tibetan Textiles, Lyon FloralsBelle Époque, French Ornate