Stitched Splendour (DELETED)

Stitched Splendour (DELETED)

Goldwork on Leather

Skill, time and infinite care are the key ingredients in the ancient craft of goldwork. Traditional embroidery is elevated to the highest pinnacle of ornamentation by the use of gold, silver or copper threads. Our Stitched Splendour journals are recreations of an 18th-century Spanish goldwork-on-leather book cover. For the original binding, embroidery was created by couching, a painstaking technique that involves affixing metallic threads onto the surface with nearly invisible silk stitches. Goldwork is a perfect example of how the decorative arts can transform practical objects into masterpieces that transcend the categories of form and function.

Developed in Asia more than two thousand years ago, goldwork reached its full flowering in the Middle Ages, when a style called Opus Anglicanum was used to create church vestments and hangings. Today, stitchers skilled enough to do goldwork are rare indeed, and the craft is reserved almost exclusively for important vestments for clergy and royalty. We urge you to house your thoughts and dreams between the resplendent walls of Stitched Splendour.

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