Shimmering Delights

Shimmering Delights

Pointillé Perfection

We present our Shimmering Delights in the colours of confectionery, specifically the delicious hues of the macaron. Pointillé, one of the prettiest of the decorative arts, combines perfectly with the colours of these most delectable desserts for small appetites.

The original binding that inspired these delicious journals dates from a book produced in 1709 in Zurich, Switzerland. Pointillé, a technique used for forming cover designs using punched dots to create a feather-light pattern, was especially popular in the 15th century, when it was used to decorate armour and coats of arms. On our journals, the delicate pattern of dots is shown off to complementary effect against our pastel covers.

Our lovely journals will produce shivers of delight in everyone who uses them. Not only that, they may cause writers, note-takers and world-watchers alike to develop a strange yearning for something sweet.