Paperblanks Flexis Midnight Rebel Bold Ultra DOT-GRID

Paperblanks Flexis Midnight Rebel Bold Ultra DOT-GRID
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Product Information


NOTE: This BOLD design is a version of the Midnight Rebel without gold foil on the cover - it gives the book an elemental sense of warmth and tactility.

Dot-Grid Planner: 9781439753934

  • Flexible softcover and spine
  • 240 dot-grid pages - 180 x 230mm (7 x 9in) - 100gsm
  • Expanded page count for boundless creativity!
  • Durable Smyth sewn binding
  • Decorated page edges
  • Back cover memento pouch
  • Acid-free sustainable forest paper
  • Pages lie flat
  • Takes pen and ink beautifully

Each Dot-Grid Planner includes:

  • Index Page
  • Page Numbers
  • Dot-grid pages ideally suited for bullet journalling - 5 x 5mm squares
  • Stencil with a variety of commonly used bullet journalling shapes, plus a ruler!
  • Welcome booklet
  • Three bookmark ribbon page markers


Harness the Power of Bullet Journalling

We believe that a planner holds a valuable place in our daily lives and connects our innermost thoughts to the outside world. The physical act of writing down a goal and seeing your ideas etched on a page keeps you tangibly connected to that intention. A planner is a place to remember the present and plan what comes next, while giving “future you” an opportunity to revisit the paths you took to get there.

Our new Dot-Grid Planners will help you achieve your goals in style. Inspired by Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journalling community, we’ve pulled together some of the best parts of a dot-grid interior, added a few features of our own (including a specially designed stencil) and packaged it all inside your favourite Paperblanks covers, creating a one-of-a-kind journalling experience.


Paperblanks Flexis, a sophisticated new line of softcover notebooks.

Our new softcover Flexis are the ultimate notebooks for writers with somewhere to go. Enjoy the freedom that comes with flexibility! Crafted with a flexible cover material, these lightweight notebooks offer increased mobility for everyday use. Their durable, Smyth sewn spines allow the books to lie completely flat while also providing the flexibility to open 360 degrees, connecting cover-to-cover for a stable writing surface on the go.

Taking their slightly sullen cues from previous artistic movements, the New Romantics of the 1980s brought their hairstyles and attitudes to new prominence. Our Midnight Rebel Bold design celebrates the darkness and drama that made the New Romantic movement some of the most ironic good times popular culture has ever had.


Product Code PB53934
Manufacturer Paperblanks
Condition New
Weight 0.603kg

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