Necklace - Athenas Owl

Necklace - Athenas Owl
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Product Information

Size: 35mm x 35mm (1.37 x 1.37in)

The Goddess Athena is a goddess of war strategy, she disliked fighting without purpose and preferred to use wisdom to settle predicaments. The goddess only encouraged fighting for a reasonable cause or to resolve conflicts. The bird which sees well in the night is closely associated with the goddess of wisdom: in archaic images, Athena is frequently depicted with an owl named the Glaucus (or "owl of Athena" ) perched on her hand. Unsurprisingly, the owl became a sort of Athenian mascot. Even now the owl is upheld as a symbol of keen insight and great knowledge.

The necklace medallions are hand cast by Oberon Design in small batches of 6-8 at a time, ensuring the quality of the image and finish. The necklaces are cast using 100% lead-free Britannia pewter.

Each necklace is strung on a genuine leather cord made in Greece by a family-owned operation that has been making leather cord for several generations. To these are added hand cast slider beads that allow you to wear the necklace in a variety of lengths approximately 24" chest length all the way up to 12" when worn as a choker. (These measurements account for the full length of the cord. The diameter measurements would be a circle of 12" & 6")

All solid-backed necklace medallions have inspirational messages inscribed on the backside.

Product Code OBPNN46
Manufacturer Oberon Design
Stock Level 1
Condition New
Weight 0.25kg

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I just might never take it off!

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I wanted to say how delighted I am with the Athena pendant. I have long had an affinity with Athena in this form and was delighted to happen upon the pendant when looking for the journal. The first I have seen. The pendant in my hand brought tears to my eyes, the detail, the workmanship and tactile nature of the pendant is beautiful. I just might never take it off!Kaarin Ponsford (May 27 2017, 18:05 pm)
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