Native American (DELETED)

Native American (DELETED)
Within the creative landscape of the American Southwest, the Pueblo people have a pottery tradition that is thousands of years old. This journal cover was inspired by the vibrant swirling birdtail designs of contemporary Hopi artist Antoinette Silas of the Parrot & Kachina Clans. She gathers all her materials locally, uses natural pigments for her paints and fires her pottery outdoors. Blending her personal style with traditional techniques learned from her mother, Antoinette's creations are a testament to the precision that is possible in handwork. Originally painted on tiles, a variety of traditional Hopi symbols are incorporated in these designs: the stairstep representing the kiva or underworld leading to heaven, rain and rain clouds, lightning, whirlwinds, the sun and moon, night and day, waterwaves, the avanyu or water serpent and symbols of migration.
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