Gates of Cairo (DELETED)

Gates of Cairo (DELETED)
Grand entrances from a glorious past

Capturing the exotic look of the East as it was in the fourteenth century, these stunning designs feature the ornamentation of Cairo craftsmen from a golden period. The ruling dynasties of the time endowed Cairo with magnificent palaces, mosques, tombs, and khanqas (hostels), making it architecturally the richest capital in the Middle East.

With its geometric and star-shaped ornamentation, Egyptian metal art in silver and bronze created what today are regarded as unrivalled antiquities in the form of ornate doors. Our journals portray the classical arabesque decoration consisting of multidirectional repetitions of a basic ornamental unit.

When the Egyptians embraced Islam, the decorative methods of ancient Egyptians re-emerged, inspiring passion and vitality that is evident in the magnitude of their decorations. The purpose of this decoration was not only to adorn, it also expressed the profound rhythms of life in an exquisite and tangible way.

Complete with classic over-wrap, ribbon marker and memento pouch, the Gates of Cairo series is a perfect blend of utility and inspiration.

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