Cartella (DELETED)

Cartella (DELETED)
Italian wallet binding

When do mundane account entries become magnificent artefacts? When they are housed in the Italian merchant Lanfredino Lanfredini's blank book, circa 1516 to 1550. We could not resist creating an homage to this fine goatskin wallet binding made exquisite with blind-tooled knotwork and arabesque adornments. Ornamental stitching with thread and silk ribbon details highlight the finishing touches. The flap kept the contents secure and the cover employed ticketing stitches and hole punches, a method of attaching paper dating back to the 12th century. Few of the books from this era have survived but we have paid tribute to Lanfredini's with the creation of our series of jewel-toned journals. Like Lanfredini's account entries, whatever you write in your wallet bound journal is sure to take on a hint of Italian �lan.

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