Laurel Burch Collection

Laurel Burch Collection

For The Keeping of Thoughts Magical & Sensual

The art of Laurel Burch (1945–2007) has an unmistakable uplifting quality. Born in Southern California, Laurel was diagnosed with a congenital bone disease that resulted in more than a hundred cases of bone fractures over the course of her life. She was raised under difficult circumstances and as a teenager chose to create her own, independent path. Through these personal hardships, Laurel focused her energies on bringing joy into the world, especially by way of her art.

As a single mother, Laurel made San Francisco her home and provided for her family by selling her creative homemade metal jewellery. She developed a unique quirky style that charmed the people of the Bay Area and become popular around the world. When she travelled overseas in 1971 to start mass production of the goods she designed, she discovered “cloisonné,” a traditional technique of embellishing metal surfaces with enamel. This became a signature feature of her artistic style.

Laurel spent her life creating art that would remind people of this magic, and with these covers we seek new to honour her intention.

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