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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last updated 21 July, 2009

Here are some answers thanks to the many customers who have asked (and asked and asked). If you can't find the answer you need then please email me - - and I'll send you a quick reply.

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The Books
What size are your books?
Can you make books any size?
Are the books refillable?
Are the pages lined or blank?
Are the books hardcover or soft?
I've written my own book - can you supply the cover or just the locks and clasps?
Can you give me free information so I can make books just like you and not have to pay you anything?
Can you make me something else (not a book)?
Important News
Survey, Spread the word, Christmas 2006, Cauldrons, Music, Gothic Jewellery
Buying and Ordering
How much?
How do I order a book?
How do I pay for a book?
How long does it take for delivery?
Can you deliver before a birthday / Christmas / wedding?
Do you have an online store?
Do you offer wholesale/trade discounts?
Do you have a catalogue?
Do you offer refunds?
General Questions
Where are you located?
How do I link to Jase's Books?
I've got another question - can I e‑mail you?



(This news section will be updated soon -
the rest of the FAQs were updated in February 2008)

Jase's Books Survey now closed - thank you to everyone who took part. New book ideas, clothing, jewellery, gifts, free stuff and more will appear in 2007. and check for updates!

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* Christmas 2006 - Book orders for Christmas have closed; jewellery, music CDs and cauldrons are still available. If you want a book for 2007, please NOW to discuss your design, request a quote, and to be placed on the waiting list. I will contact people on my list in January 2007 - if you are still interested and financial then I will request payment to begin work on your book.

* NEW - Traditional Cast Iron Cauldrons - added April 2006 - Cast iron cauldrons with lids and instructions for use. A range of black iron cauldrons for pagan rituals and traditional fire cooking. Witch Petal's Cauldron Cookbook also available.

Cauldron Cookbook    Witch Cauldron    Cauldron Cooking

- for immediate purchase.

* Kokila's Music CDs - updated February 2006 - Does your spirit yearn to soar to inspired heights on wings of song? Do you seek magical music? Then join Kokila Bennett on a melodic journey to breathtaking musical worlds. Sweeping velvety arpeggios surround you and gently guide you into peace and tranquility.


- for immediate purchase.

* Gothic Jewellery - Lots of new items added for November 2005. Check out my new Gothic Jewellery page featuring a new range of handmade silver jewellery, magical talismans and amulets. Beautiful, powerful and real - wear these when you need to change your world. If you want anything made FOR YOU then just e-mail me.

Inverted Cross EarringEnergy Retention TalismanSelf Sabotage TalismanFearless TalismanAnxiety TalismanSerenity Talisman

- to request prices.

As always - if you need to know anything. Now, back to the FAQs...


Q. What size are your books?
My books are available in a number of page sizes (A6, A5, A4). These are international paper sizes and relate to the size of a single page within the book - the cover of a finished covered book will be larger.
Paper Sizes
A6 - 105mm W x 148mm H = 4.13in W x 5.88in H
A5 - 148mm W x 210mm H = 5.88in W x 8.25in H
A4 - 210mm W x 297mm H = 8.25in W x 11.75in H

Using international (non-US) paper sizes, A4 is the size of a sheet of copy paper, fold in half for A5, fold again for A6.

Click here for more information and comparison to US paper sizes:

Q. Can you make books any size?
I can make your book with as many pages and whatever size you require (up to 635mm W x 965 mm H = 25in W x 38in H). Material costs increase significantly with size and number of pages.

Q. Are the books refillable?
The books that I make are not refillable - they are hand sewn, shaped, glued and bound to form a quality hardback book. My bound books offer superior quality, durability, and value for money. However, I'm happy to make refillable versions of some designs on request.

Q. Are the pages lined or blank?
The pages are blank (not ruled) and are made from high quality acid-free parchment paper. Lined pages can be printed for a small fee, however most of my customers specifically request unlined paper. The parchment paper that I use has a luxurious look and feel and is excellent for writing and light sketching (not just cheap notebook paper).

Q. Are the books hardcover or soft?
All books (so far) have been hardcover. Hard covers protect the pages better over time; however I'm happy to make some leather softcover versions if people are interested .

Q. I've written my own book - can you supply the cover or just the locks and clasps?
Covers and other components are not available for separate purchase. I make complete books, so your options are either to provide me with a copy of your existing work to bind into a book, to re-cover your existing book, or for me to scan and reprint your work onto parchment paper for binding.

Q. Can you make me something else (not a book)?
Contact me for custom made books, pendants, earrings etc. I'll consider small items like cat collars, key rings, bookmarks, wallets, belts, quills, inks, wax seals - and I am working on a design for a 'Mug of Shadows' - Anything else, sure you can ask but the answer will probably be - "No, I make books".

Q. Can you give me free information so I can make books just like you and not have to pay you anything?
No - go away. (The nerve of some people!)

All materials are sourced locally in Australia and most of the designs I make myself. Whatever I can't find or make myself I get others to make for me. If no-one can make it, then I I'll buy the tools and equipment and make it anyway. I have developed a wide range of skills and techniques over many years and may offer to - but not yet.


Q. How much?
Most of my international customers are from the US, so prices are provided here in US dollars and include air mail delivery, handling and insurance. If you are not located in the US, currency conversion is available at //www.xe.com/ucc/ or tell me what country and I will e-mail prices in your local currency. Customers within Australia should request local prices. Discounts are available if you order more than one book.

Prices may vary over time due to changes in material costs and currency values; interested customers are encouraged to , but as a general guide:

A6 size, 240pp - from $ 50 USD / £25 GBP / €36.00EUR
A5 size, 312pp - from $100 USD / £48 GBP / €69.00EUR
A4 size, 312pp - from $200 USD / £97 GBP / €138.00EUR

Below is a list of popular books with prices in US dollars. If the book you want is out of your price range then try a simpler design or smaller book. For prices on other books please e-mail me -

06 JUNE 2008 - Prices below are an estimate, please click the Request Price link at the bottom of any page for a quote.

$ 52 US - Charm Book II (A6 240pp)
$ 52 US - Cord Knot II (A6 240pp)
$ 52 US - Metal Pagan II (A6 240pp)
$ 57 US - Eye VI / IX / XII - Egyptian (A6 240pp)
$ 57 US - Eye VII - Sauron (A6 240pp)
$ 57 US - Eye VIII - Silmarillion (A6 240pp)
$ 57 US - Eye X - Sorceric (A6 240pp)
$ 57 US - Witches Wardrobe - I / II / III (A6 240pp)
$ 75 US - All Talismans - Energy Retention /
                  Self Sabotage / Fearless / Anxiety / Serenity
$123 US - High Priestess (A5 312pp)
$130 US - Eye of Baphomet (sterling silver amulet)

$130 US - Aviator Standard - II / III / IV (A5 312pp)
$138 US - Book - Brown / White / Goat (A5 312pp)
$144 US - Gothic Bible
$152 US - The Aviator (A5 312pp)
$152 US - Black Red Goth (A5 312pp)
$207 US - Reinforced Aviator (A5 312pp)
$233 US - Witches Wardrobe Deluxe - Black / Brown (A4 312pp)

$255 US - Witches Wardrobe Deluxe - Roo / Metal (A4 312pp)
$266 US - Anelftu Dragonfly (A5 624pp)
$266 US - Book - Black / Brown / White (A4 312pp)
$288 US - Quinta Essentia Wardrobe - Soul / Path (A4 312pp)
$304 US - Book (A4+ 544pp)
$310 US - Celestial Dragon (A5 312pp)
$353 US - Book Blue (A4+ 544pp)

$613 US - Book of Shadows (A4+ 544pp)
$620 US - Monster Book (A3- 300pp)
$993 US - Baphomet (A4+ 1008pp)

Q. How do I order a book?

Easy, just the name of the book(s) you have chosen from my website (and your country) and I will send payment/delivery options - or click () Request Price at the bottom of any page!

If you have an idea for your own unique book, a detailed description of the book you want created. I will work out a quote based on materials and your budget. Once we have agreed on the design I will send payment/delivery options. Mock-ups are provided after payment is received and before work begins.

Q. How do I pay for a book?
Once you have decided on which book you want, I will e-mail you payment options specific to your country.

* Western Union Money Transfer
Money transfers are processed within 24 hours. Western Union will charge an additional fee to transfer money, but this is the quickest and easiest payment method. Pay in person at a Western Union agent near you (world-wide) - go to //www.westernunion.com/homePage.asp and click on Find Agent Location.
If you are in the US or Canada you can also pay by MasterCard or Visa online.

* Cashiers Cheque
Cashiers Cheques are requested from the cashier/teller of a bank or credit union - these can be processed on receipt. Personal cheques are also accepted but must wait an additional six weeks for clearance. Cost is expected to be up to $2 US for the cheque, plus up to $5 US to send via Air Mail.

* Paypal
Paypal is accepted for orders less than $75US, or larger amounts for returning customers. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer using Paypal.

* Australia Post Money Order
The only domestic money orders I can accept are those from Australia Post. Money orders from other countries will not be accepted.

Q. How long does it take for delivery?
Books are made on demand, so turn around time from initial contact to delivery varies with each book. A number of factors contribute to the time it takes including: deciding on a design, mock-up, payment, receipt, workload, construction and delivery method. Average turn around time is six weeks for an A5 size book, which allows 2 weeks for payment to arrive, 2 weeks for construction of your book (or longer for large/complicated work), and 2 weeks for delivery. Turnaround time can be shortened depending on payment/delivery options.

Payment options (for an average A5 size book):
* Western Union Money Transfer (24 hours) - additional $15 US
* Cashiers Cheque - (2-3 weeks)
* Australia Post Money Order (Australia Only, 2-3 days)

Delivery options (for an average A5 size book):
* Express Post or Standard Mail (Australia Only - 1-3 days)
* Air Mail International (1-2 weeks)
* Express Courier International (3-5 working days) - additional $26 US

Fastest turn around from initial contact is one week for existing simple designs where materials are already available. However, urgent orders can be expensive due to express payment and delivery methods.

Longest turn around time for a book has been well over two years from receipt of payment - the more unique the project, the longer it takes.

Unique and complex books may take 6 months or more to complete.

Q. I want a book for a birthday/Christmas/wedding - can you deliver before this date?
It depends on the size and design of the book. For an A5 size book you should allow at least 6 weeks from payment to delivery. When ordering, please specify what date you need the book delivered and I'll let you know if I think it can be done - I will endeavour to meet specific delivery dates but can never guarantee that your book will arrive on time.

Christmas orders need to be placed in SEPTEMBER to ensure that your book is completed and delivered before Christmas. If it's December already then consider the option of ordering a book as a birthday gift for next year.

Q. Do you have an online store?
Yes! Jase's Books moved from hobby to business in July 2008 - you can visit the online store at www.jasesbooks.com.au/ccart/.


Q. Do you offer wholesale/trade discounts?
No, but I do offer discounts to anyone for multiple purchases - and ask.

Q. Do you have a catalogue?
Not yet - please browse the website.

Q. Do you offer refunds?
You can request a refund up until the time your book is sent. If you have ordered a customised book you will have been provided with scans or photos during construction and the opportunity to ask questions and suggest changes so you get exactly the book that you want. If you have ordered an existing book, I will also send a scan of the book for your approval prior to it being sent (each book is hand made so there are minor variations).

Refunds made through Paypal or Western Union are subject to a service charge.

If your book arrives damaged or you do not receive your book, all deliveries are insured and you can choose to have another book made or a full refund.

If your book becomes damaged through time / misuse, please contact me for advice on how to return the book for repair.

Q. Where are you located?
Adelaide, Australia - with customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Europe.

Q. How do I link to Jase's Books?
If you like my books and have a website or blog, you can help your friends find my books by putting a link to my site. Simply cut and paste the code below into your web page. When you're done - email me so that I can visit your site. Thanks for spreading the word about Jase's Books!

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Q. I've got another question - can I e-mail you?
Sure, please email me - - and I'll send you a quick reply. If there is anything missing that you want to see in these FAQs then let me know.

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