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Traditional Cast Iron Cauldrons

Cast iron cauldrons with lids and instructions for use. A range of black iron cauldrons for pagan rituals and traditional fire cooking. Witch Petal's Cauldron Cookbook also available.


Traditional Cast Iron Cauldrons
Mouth Opening
0.5 ltr/qt
$  75USD
 /  $  95AUD
1 ltr/qt
$  99USD
 /  $130AUD
2 ltr/qt
 /  $170AUD
3 ltr/qt
 /  $195AUD
5 ltr/qt
 /  $225AUD
8 ltr/qt
 /  $255AUD
12 ltr/qt
 /  $295AUD
(78 pages - paperback)
$  19USD
 /  $  25AUD
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The cauldron is a large metal pot for cooking over an open fire. Cauldrons are a traditional symbol of witches and witchcraft. They are perfect for items or herbs that will be set alight during a ritual, brewing potions or burning incense.

The Celts associated cauldrons with fertility and abundance. In Celtic mythology, Dagda (god of fertility) possessed a magic cauldron called Undry that could feed the whole earth.

Your cooking will be magic...

Cast iron cauldrons are ideal for slow cooking and have been used over open fires for centuries. A cauldron is the ultimate alternative cooking pot and a cauldron feast - with abundant beer and wine - can be a unique outdoor social gathering. The small cauldrons can be used for serving condiments or sauces.

These traditional three-legged cauldrons come complete with carrying handle and lid, and are made of heavy cast iron. With tall legs, a cauldron is ideal for setting over a campfire and works just as well over a gas range or burner. The cauldron's round shape conducts and diffuses the heat over its entire surface so the food cooks evenly without burning.

  • Three legs and round belly shape for even heat distribution
  • Maintains liquids at lowest point to prevent food from burning
  • Domed lid circulates heat and steam around the pot
  • Peripheral gutter on the lid can be used for hot coals
  • Galvanized metal carrying handle makes handling easy
  • Tall legs make it ideal for cooking over fire/coals or gas
  • Each cauldron comes with instructions and a few recipes

Uses: Camp cooking, pot stews, witches brews, serving dishes, kettle popcorn, pitch fork BBQ, incense burner, smudge sticks, firewood holder, herb planter, ritual tool, magic potions, scrying bowl.

Witch Petal's Cauldron Cookbook by Helen "Petal" Lyons & Trevor Curnow
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by Helen 'Petal' Lyons and Trevor Curnow
(78 pages - paperback)

A must for your cauldron - includes the history of the cauldron, how to cure and care for your cauldron plus over 70 delicious recipes from soups and stews to vegetables, lamb and seafood. Filled with humorous illustrations by Helen Lyons.

Witch Petal has an outstanding reputation as a great cauldron cook. Her mid winter feasts are famous.

Witch Petal's Cauldron Cook Book is an Australian publication.

Home >> Cauldrons

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