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Does your spirit yearn to soar to inspired heights on wings of song? Do you seek magical music? Then join Kokila Bennett on a melodic journey to breathtaking musical worlds. Sweeping velvety arpeggios surround you and gently guide you into peace and tranquility.


Enchanted Dreams CD - Kokila Bennett - Avalon Isle Music
Enchanted Dreams CD - Kokila Bennett - Avalon Isle Music
Enchanted Dreams
Kokila's mystical music takes you on a dream journey to powerful inner spaces; likened to listening to beautiful evocative movie soundtracks. The music of Enchanted Dreams is deeply steeped in the Celtic Tradition. It evokes the mystical heritage and the lyrical, haunting quality of Scottish and Irish melody.

TRACKS: 1.Enchanted Dreams 2.The Silver Tree 3.As it Was 4.Bridge to Avalon 5.The Firmament 6.God To Enfold Me 7.An American Dream 8.Tibetan Dreams 9.Castle 10.World Anthem 11.Merlin Dreams 12.A Prayer 13.God Before Me 14.The Quest 15.Vision Singer 16.Sunrise 17.Highland Dreams 18.Grace 19.The Lavender Shore.

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: Track 04 - Bridge to Avalon (317KB)

Magic and Mystery CD - Kokila Bennett - Avalon Isle Music

Magic and Mystery
This album is filled with the music of mystical inner worlds. Find yourself inside an ancient Celtic temple with Merlin teaching high magic, or deep in a forest listening to enchanting melodies.

TRACKS: 1.Procession 2.Crystal Caves 3.In the Circle 4.Missing You 5.Highland Paths 6.Sacred Glen 7.Memories are Calling Me 8.Promises to Keep 9.Flight of Peace 10.Gathering the Flowers 11.The Quest 12.Highland Overture 13.Love's Dream 14.Always in Your Dreams 15.Infinity's Wings 16.There is a Reason 17.Travelers 18.Star Gazer 19.Winds of Time 20.Fields of Heather.

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: Track 01 - Procession (469KB)

Trilogy The Music of Kokila CD - Kokila Bennett - Avalon Isle Music

Trilogy - The Music of Kokila
"Trilogy" is a rich and diverse compilation of the composing talents of Kokila. In three extra length recordings from Avalon Isle Music, Kokila draws upon deep ties to a mystical and spiritual heritage of the British Isles, her love of nature and the romance of the past. It is hoped that in enjoying this recording you delve deep into your own sacred, secret places of the heart.

DISCS: 1. Beyond the Gate, 2. The Light of Avalon, 3. Heaven's Door.

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD: Track - Dark Flames (164KB)

Home >> Kokila's Music

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