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Gothic Jewellery

A new range of handmade silver jewellery, magical talismans and amulets. Beautiful, powerful and real - wear these when you need to change your world.


Inverted Cross Earring
Handmade sterling silver inverted cross earring. The cross and loop are carved from a single piece of sterling silver, and a small jump ring is attached so the cross dangles freely. The inverted cross is designed to be attached to a sleeper earring (pictured).
Cross Size: 18mm W x 10mm H (0.71 x 0.39in).
Commission: Allan Sharpe (Sydney, Australia) 18 Dec 2005 - 04 Jan 2006

Energy Retention Talisman
Designed to retain physical energies by preventing energy being drained by other individuals, low energy environments and negative energies. To be worn against skin. Recommended to be removed when doing physical healings and other spiritual work.
Stone is ruby and zoisite. Frame sterling silver. Design by Heath Bennett.
Size: 23mm W x 43mm H (0.92 x 1.68in).

Self Sabotage Talisman
Designed to help achieve goals and create focus by removing self doubt and lack of confidence in all endeavours. Not to be worn if obsessive behaviour becomes apparent.
Stone is garnet. Frame sterling silver. Design by Heath Bennett.
Size: 18mm W x 36mm H (0.71 x 1.42in).

Fearless Talisman
Designed to control shock fear caused by the strange and unusual, giving the user more ability to effectively deal with these situations. Not be worn for prolonged periods or by aggressive personalities.
Stone is bloodstone. Frame sterling silver. Design by Heath Bennett.
Size: 39mm W x 36mm H (1.54 x 1.42in).

Anxiety Talisman
Designed to reduce anxiety to a controllable level. Prolonged use may cause emotional coldness.
Stone is red jasper. Frame sterling silver. Design by Heath Bennett.

Serenity Talisman
Designed to bring order to thoughts, balance physical energies, reduce frustration and aggression. Parental supervision required if worn by children with behavioural problems such as attention deficit disorder.
Stone is howlite. Frame sterling silver. Design by Heath Bennett.

Home >> Gothic Jewellery

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