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Self Sabotage Talisman

A new range of handmade silver jewellery, magical talismans and amulets. Beautiful, powerful and real - wear these when you need to change your world.


AVAILABLE NOW - to request prices.

Are you your own worst enemy? You may feel that you take on too much, find it hard to say no, procrastinate and waste time, want everything to be perfect, seek approval from others, find it hard to make decisions or feel as though you're in a situation that you're powerless to change. All of this unfair 'self-sabotage' behaviour may be stopping you from achieving your goals and being the person you want to be in your personal, academic or professional life.

The Self Sabotage talisman is designed to help achieve goals and create focus by removing self doubt and lack of confidence in all endeavours. Not to be worn if obsessive behaviour becomes apparent.
Stone is garnet. Frame sterling silver. Design by Heath Bennett.
Size: 18mm W x 36mm H (0.71 x 1.42in).
Chain: 500mm L (19.69in).

Home >> Gothic Jewellery >> Self Sabotage Talisman

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