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Here is the real treasure of imagination - books that people wished into existence, every one unique, every one magical. Some of these books are made from specialised materials such as emu leather (to look like dragon scales), real silver, amber, keys, feathers, dreams.


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**Exposed to the light of the eclipsed sun in Ceduna, Australia on 04 December 2002**

A4+ - 1008 pages. Black polished goat leather cut and resewn with kangaroo leather thonging.
   Main feature is huge pewter Baphomet goat's head in centre of front cover on inverted pentagram, with Garnet eyes that were exposed to the light of the eclipsed sun. Ouroboros snake devouring own tail circles clockwise with head at top. Text carved into the snake reads: "NIGER LITTERAE SACRAE DE SATANAS".
This piece alone weighs 750 grams (1.65lb or 26.5 oz.).
   Baphomet centrepiece is surrounded by five crystals supplied by owner (from top left): fire opal (orange), smoky quartz (grey/brown), sunshine aura (yellow), obsidian (black), aqua aura (blue). Eclipsed Poppy Jasper set in three pewter corners with hand carved frames on front cover, each with 666 stamped into the metal. Pewter bat with hand carved wings in lower right corner.
   Skull locks on cover are engraved with symbols from the Necronomicon: (3) Marutukku - Master of the Arts of Protection, possesses the ARRA star or pentagram and works as a ward for the book; and (41) Lugalanna - Power of the Eldest of the Eldest Ones, possesses secret knowledge and increases magic ability. Hinged two-piece locks open with hand made solid sterling silver pentagram keys and are connected by twin bones to skeletal claws on the back cover. The jaws of the locks remain on the front cover, and there are crescent-shaped black leather pads on the backs of the skulls.
   Back of book features heavy scarring, skeletal claws forming base of hinged skull locks, and four Celtic horned snakes - one in each corner - with flickering tongues of sterling silver.
   Blue glass eye set in pewter circle and triangle on spine, again with 666 stamped into the metal, made using a new technique that catches any available light so that the eye appears to glow from within. Further down the spine, text carved into the pewter scroll reads: "INOMINE SATANAS".
   Oxford hollow back, red headbands, sewn in French style with three reinforcing ribbons. Inverted pentagram bookmark on black satin ribbon. Black elephant hide endpapers.
Cover: 246mm W x 309mm H (9.68 x 12.17in). Page: 235.5mm W x 297mm H (9.27 x 11.69in). Weight: 5.62kg (12.36lb).
International Order: Damien Black (Devon, England) 18 Oct 2002 - 21 Feb 2003

Baphomet Journal

Baphomet Journal
This design is also available as a 5" x 8" wire-bound journal for only $11.95 USD. 160 pages - blank or lined.

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Home >> Unique Commissioned Works >> Baphomet

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