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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Witchcraft

Here is the real treasure of imagination - books that people wished into existence, every one unique, every one magical. Some of these books are made from specialised materials such as emu leather (to look like dragon scales), real silver, amber, keys, feathers, dreams.


Whoa! It smells like church in here. (sniffs) 
                No, wait... Evil church. - Xander
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"Whoa! It smells like church in here. (sniffs) No, wait... Evil church."

A5- - 504 pages. Hand dyed kangaroo leather in Buffy red (mix of carmine, red and light brown) with black title band and spine. The main feature is the title of the book - Witchcraft - reverse carved in gold on the black band across the front cover and again on the spine. The black areas are bordered by a single gold line; front and back covers are blind tooled with subtle double line borders.
   This is a working prop replica of the spellbook used by Willow in episode 3.8 (Lover's Walk) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Willow prepares a de-lusting spell which she hopes will put an end to her affair with Xander.
   Two replica books were made - both finished on Friday the 13th.
   The books are sewn in French style with two reinforcing ribbons, Oxford hollow back and spinal insert. Special gold headbands. Black elephant hide endpapers.
Cover: 156mm W x 227mm H (6.14 x 8.94in).
Page: 139.75mm W x 216mm H (5.5 x 8.5in). Weight: 0.925kg (2.04lb).
International Order: Kim Mattison (Maryland) 13 Apr 2006 - 13 Oct 2006

Disclaimer: The above books were made for Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles under their Buffy The Vampire Slayer license as prototypes for a possible product line. These products were never manufactured and cannot be reproduced without the written consent of 20th Century Fox.

Home >> Unique Commissioned Works >> Buffy - Witchcraft

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