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Triskele Journal II A6

Charmed triskelions and my own five-pointed 'Cord' knot. Witches Wardrobes have a cover that opens from the front.


A6 - 240 pages. Hand dyed black kangaroo leather with silver triskele carved into leather cover, and a 'JH' monogram on the spine.
   The Celtic triskele (or triskelion) is composed of three interlocking spirals. The spiral is an ancient symbol relating to the sun and the continual movement of life. In the form of a triskele the spirals represent the three phases of life - birth, life and death. In modern Wicca the connection here would be to the Goddess as Maiden/Mother/Crone - but let's trace the thread through the origins of Celtic knotwork back to the vikings.
   In old Norse mythology the three sisters of fate are Urd (the past), Verdandi (the being) and Skuld (what is to come). They live beneath the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree, where they weave the tapestry of fate. Each person's life is a string in their loom, and the length of the string is the length of the person's life.
   The book is sewn in French style and has a spinal insert. Black satin ribbon bookmark with straight diagonal cut. Special purple headbands. Purple silk endpapers.
Cover: 113mm W x 159mm H (4.45 x 6.26in).
Page: 105mm W x 148mm H (4.13 x 5.88in). Weight: 0.294kg (0.65lb).
International Order: Jim Horne (California) 24 Jun 2006 - 06 Aug 2006

Home >> Knots & Wardrobes >> Triskele Journal II A6

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