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The Aviator
(Leather Wrap A5)

Here is the real treasure of imagination - books that people wished into existence, every one unique, every one magical. Some of these books are made from specialised materials such as emu leather (to look like dragon scales), real silver, amber, keys, feathers, dreams.


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A5 - 312 pages. Brown oiled kangaroo leather with extended leather flap, closes with handmade thonging that wraps around book four times. Sewn in French style with two reinforcing ribbons. Four ridges on spine with raised emboss of Orion P3 aircraft in silver. Pen holder located inside front flap. Inside front cover features a diamond engraved dedication on sterling silver plate framed in leather; cover also includes leather photo frame with clear plastic insert to accept two passport-sized photographs. Black satin tasselled bookmark. Antique elephant hide endpapers.
Commission: Nicole Chugg (Adelaide, Australia) 31 Mar 2003 - 09 Apr 2003

Home >> Unique Commissioned Works >> The Aviator (Leather Wrap A5)

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