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Naga the Serpent II A5

Hinged claws grip the cover and serpent gods wrap around the book as divine temple guardians of the secrets within.


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A5 - 312 pages. Brown antique finished goat leather with four ridges on spine. Main feature is a hinged white snake with sculpted scales and a blue ceramic glass eye. The book is sewn in French style with two reinforcing ribbons and spinal insert. Red headbands, gold elephant hide endpapers. Three black satin ribbon bookmarks with straight diagonal cut.
   'Naga' is a Sanskrit name that means 'snake' or 'serpent'. Naga was a serpent god widespread throughout Southern Asia and still appears on doors of Hindu and Buddhist temples as a divine guardian.
Cover: 158mm W x 220mm H (6.25 x 8.68in).
Page: 148mm W x 210mm H (5.88 x 8.25in). Weight: 0.785kg (1.73lb).
International Order: Tomas Ong (London, UK) 08 Mar 2006 - 12 Apr 2006

Home >> Serpents & Claws >> Naga the Serpent II A5

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