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Eye XIII - Xenntybex

Glass eyes with borders of ancient runes or fantasy scripts, stitches, hinges and clasps.


A6 - 240 pages. High quality black suede with blue glass eye, hand made using a technique to reflect available light. The eye is surrounded by a Latin text border in gold with irridescent blue lines. This book has lined parchment pages and is sewn in French style with a spinal insert. Special gold headbands. Black gold milano endpapers.

Amor Vincet Omnia.
  Love Conquers All.
Sapere aude.
  Dare to know (to be wise, to use your own reason).
Adsum sub rosa in flore;
  (I am) here under the rose (in secret) in bloom;
in initio, in fine, cum vobis.

at the beginning, at the end, with you.


Cover: 113mm W x 159mm H (4.45 x 6.26in).
Page: 105mm W x 148mm H (4.13 x 5.88in). Weight: 0.357kg (0.79lb).
International Order: Tom Smith (California) 20 Sep 2006 - 01 Nov 2006

Home >> Eye & Border Books >> Eye XIII - Xenntybex

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