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'Book' (Black III)

Glass eyes with borders of ancient runes or fantasy scripts, stitches, hinges and clasps.


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A4 - 312 pages. Black leather cut and resewn with thonging (kangaroo). Three tapes, hidden black prisma paper beneath cover. Two Celtic tri-knots with rings in outer corners, Celtic knotwork panel running down side. Silver claw with silver nails on back forms part of hinged clasp, Egyptian-bead style oval on front with Inguz Viking rune design which also forms a mirrored KK monogram. Oval on clasp encircles red glass eye. The book is sewn in French style with three reinforcing ribbons and spinal insert. Red headbands. Black satin tasselled bookmark. Black gold milano endpapers.
Cover: 220mm W x 309mm H (8.66 x 12.17in).
Page: 210mm W x 297mm H (8.25 x 11.75in). Weight: 1.453kg (3.20lb).
International Order: Kelly Kirby (Arizona) 17 Dec 2005 - 02 Mar 2006

Home >> Eye & Border Books >> 'Book' (Black III)

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