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'Book' (Black)

Glass eyes with borders of ancient runes or fantasy scripts, stitches, hinges and clasps.


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A4 - 312 pages. Black leather cut and resewn with thonging (kangaroo). Three tapes, hidden black mulberry paper beneath cover. Two Celtic tri-knots with rings in outer corners, Celtic knotwork panel running down side. Silver claw with silver nails on back forms part of hinged clasp - square Celtic knotwork domino on side, Egyptian-bead style oval on front with simple knot design. Oval on clasp encircles blue glass eye. Black satin tasselled bookmark. Black mulberry leaf endpapers with mica flakes.
International Order: Lisa Y. Rush, Merlin's Magic (New Jersey) 28 Jun 2002 - 06 Aug 2002

Home >> Eye & Border Books >> 'Book' (Black)

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