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Blue Water Photo Album

Here is the real treasure of imagination - books that people wished into existence, every one unique, every one magical. Some of these books are made from specialised materials such as emu leather (to look like dragon scales), real silver, amber, keys, feathers, dreams.


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A4+ - 80 pages. Dry mount photo album with acid free black pages and pergamin interleaves. Hand dyed and polished kangaroo leather finished in Navy Blue, Turquoise and iridescent Topaz to catch the light. The dye effects represent the sunlight shining on the surface of the ocean and streaming into the depths below.
   This photo album was a wedding gift and arrived on the very day of the wedding. Text carved into the front cover reads "Joost & Barbara Australia" in silver letters. The album features three heavy embossed straps on the spine, the long middle strap surfacing through the cover and closing the album with a length of black plaited thonging wound around a handmade pewter starfish. A silver wave border has been carved around the entire album.
   Hand plaited Malibu blue satin ribbon bookmark with two initial letters (J and B) cut and carved from a single piece of burnished pewter. Special aqua-blue headbands. Blue elephant hide endpapers.
Cover: 256mm W x 300mm H (10.08 x 11.81in).
Page: 247mm W x 289mm H (9.72 x 11.38in).
Commission: Jeff Richards (Sydney, Australia) 18 Aug 2005 - 09 Sep 2005

Home >> Unique Commissioned Works >> Blue Water Photo Album

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