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Inverted Cross Earring

A new range of handmade silver jewellery, magical talismans and amulets. Beautiful, powerful and real - wear these when you need to change your world.


Handmade sterling silver inverted cross earring. The cross and loop are carved from a single piece of sterling silver, and a small jump ring is attached so the cross dangles freely. The inverted cross is designed to be attached to a sleeper earring (pictured).
Cross Size: 18mm W x 10mm H (0.71 x 0.39in).
Commission: Allan Sharpe (Sydney, Australia) 18 Dec 2005 - 04 Jan 2006 (single)
International Order: Bryan Gottfried (Georgia, USA) 17 Jul 2006 - 03 Sep 2006 (pair)
International Order:
Claudio Berriola (Napoli, Italy) 03 Sep 2006 - 17 Sep 2006 (pair)

Home >> Gothic Jewellery >> Inverted Cross Earring

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